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What or who is the Rock? It is an island in the middle of the Mediterranean that its locals affectionately call "The Rock". Meet The Rock wants you to experience Malta and all of its wonder. Creating a unique travel experience for your group that is sure to WOW you. We understand that time is the greatest luxury, which is why Meet The Rock maintains strong relationships on the Island so every part of your experience meets your expectations.

 Whether you are looking to inspire a team, vacation with your close knit friends or look to join one of our exclusive groups, Malta has a vast diversity of hotels, restaurants, sports, museums and interests along with a deep rich tantalizing history that is sure to intrigue a wide variety of travelers.   

Give your friends and colleagues a new perspective

Alot of history with a chic feel

Malta has over 7000 years of history and renound for being a fun and cosmopolitan destination.

City of Valletta - European capital city of culture 2018

Thie city of Valletta and the entire Island has been preparing for this honorable designation since it was announced in 2012. They have experienced a lot of construction and a vast list of activities surrounding this celebrated year.

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We promise this will be good quality information about the island of Malta, its history and all it has to offer.


Middle of the Mediterranean Sea

Located 60 miles South of Sicily, the islands are a rocky formation (chiefly limestone) rising from east to northeast to a height of 786 ft, with clefts that form deep harbors, bays, creeks, and rocky coves that create beautiful views and plenty sandy beaches and cleanest water in the EU. 


Safe and Friendly People

Malta, one of the top destinations for the British, is known for its hospitable friendly people who's official language is Maltese AND English. Its a very safe place and easy to get around and communicate with the locals


Satify Interests of Many

Not only are the Maltese Islands full of rich history and culture but it also has many other attractions such as water sports including diving, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding or land sports including biking, trekking, rock climbing and so much more.


Over 7000 Years of History

With 7,000 years of history, the Maltese Islands are steeped in culture  and heritage. This historic legacy, unique in the Mediterranean, is  reflected in the country’s national architecture and collections. There  are so many areas of heritage and culture to be explored – the 16th  century masterpiece Grandmasters’ Palace, the “Sacra Infermeria”, which  is now a fully equipped conference centre, the St. James Centre for  Creativity – to modern times.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the temperature like in Malta?

    Malta's climate is typical of the Mediterranean and is strongly influenced by the sea.  The Maltese Islands have a pleasantly sunny climate with a daily average of around 12 hours of sunshine in the summer going down to 5 to 6 hours in Mid-Winter.  Average temperature in the summer months is 80 degrees F with Mid-Winter averages mid 50s to 60 degrees F.

  • How does Malta compare in size to a US State?

    Malta is  the 11th smallest country with 122 square miles across all three islands.  This is smaller than the city of Las Vegas, NV by 16 square miles.  The Maltese Islands boast one of the highest concentrations of historic and cultural heritage per square mile in the world.  Luckily the islands are compact enough to offer the convenience of everyting being within easy reach enabling you to make the most of your stay.

  • Where exactly is Malta?

    Located less than 60 miles south of Sicily, Malta is in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.  Only a few hour flight from major European airports with many scheduled, low-cost and charter flights linking Malta to a host of European and other Mediterranean countries.                                                                       

  • What is Malta Famous for?

    Well aside from  the Maltese Dog, Maltese Falcon, and its incredibly friendly hospitable people, Malta is also the filming location for many movies including the old classics: The Blue Lagoon and Popeye.  It was also the set for the first season of  The Game of Thrones.  As a matter of fact, we can build a tour that focuses on Malta as a film setting. 

Don't just hear it just from us, this is what others have to say!

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"The most hospitable and kind humans I ever met"

"When I was 16 my dad was looking at flights online for work.  An ad came up that was flashing "Visit Malta!"  My dad, a guy who never goes for things like that randomly went for it after googling Malta, and it became the best, most random family vacation we have ever had.  Such a rad country full of some of the most hospitable and kind humans I ever met"

Kim Miller

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"So much to do!"

"We went for 2 weeks and as small as that island is we didn't have enough time to see everything!"

James Azzopardi